Nearby Picnic Spots

Picnic Spots Around Petite Amelie in order of proximity

imagesJackson Squarehead left down Royal St. to St. Ann, turn left.  St. Ann will end at Jackson Square

You can sit on the grass or one of the many park benches to people watch or gaze up at the majestic St. Louis Cathedral.  If solo, be sure to stop by The Librarie Book Shop (823 Chartres) or Faulkner House Books (624 Pirates Alley) for some New Orleans reading material.  There’s nothing like reading about the history of this great city, while sitting in the spot where it all began.


800px-Moonwalk_New_OrleansWoldenberg Park or the Moonwalk – The “Moonwalk”, a walkway named for the former New Orleans mayor Maurice “Moon” Landrieu, follows the Mississippi and has a few great spots for sitting and watching the mighty river pass.  Head right and you’ll come to Woldenberg Park, a grassy open space named for local philanthropist Malcolm Woldenberg, and often home to local festivals and concerts.  From here, you can listen to the calliope on the Natchez and take in the view of the West Bank, Crescent City Connection, and of course, all that river traffic.  To get there, head left down Royal St. to St. Peter, turn left.  St. Peter will take you through the side of Jackson Square.  Keep going and cross Decatur.  Keep going until you get to the river.

armstrong3Armstrong Park – Named for jazz legend and native New Orleanian, Louis Armstrong, this beautiful 31 acre park is full of duck ponds, green space, walkways, sculptures, and historic Congo Square.  The park is especially lively on Thursday evenings in the Spring and in the Fall when People United for Armstrong Park puts on “Jazz in the Park”, a live concert series featuring some of the best New Orleans musicians around.  The event also features arts and crafts vendors and a small farmer’s market.  To get there, head left down Royal St until you get to St. Ann and make a right.  Keep going until you see the iconic entrance Armstrong Park (you can’t miss it!)


Washington Square Park – If you plan on heading to Frenchmen for some live music later in the evening, take a late lunch to this quaint little park located at Frenchmen and Royal.  Located just outside the Quarter in the Marigny, this park is about a six block walk and has playground equipment if you have the kids with you.  Once there, you can check out the many shops and music clubs lining the Frenchmen area, or take a quick jaunt down to the French Market and back into the Quarter.  Head straight down Royal, crossing Esplanade.  Royal will curve and meet Frenchmen.


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