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Petite Amelie is the new extension to Cafe Amelie, located steps away from the Cafe at the corner of Royal & Dumaine at 900 Royal.  We specialize in “cuisine rapide”, with fresh salads and juices, coffee, light breakfast fare, desserts, sandwiches and a daily marketplace menu featuring olives, cheeses, pastries and freshly prepared gourmet sides and entrees to take away.  Rotating daily, our cases offer selections ranging from classic salads to savory entree options for a quick gourmet lunch or dinner at home.  Please check our Facebook for regular marketplace selection updates.

“Petite Amelie is the logical expansion of Cafe Amelie which we conceived as a place geared toward the people who live and work in the French Quarter,” says Chef Jerry Mixon. “Since we live and work in the area, we asked ourselves what we would love to have here.  Top of the list, a high quality, take-away Specialty Food Shop.  A Juice Bar!  House-baked cakes and desserts, prepared entrees and sides that people could pick up on their way to/from work. Petite Amelie is for those who don’t feel like cooking but would still like to dine well at home.  In an effort to assist our neighbors who never want to leave the Quarter, we wanted to offer fresh baguettes, good cheeses, pate, and specialty items suitable for an impromptu cocktail party & entertaining.  And of course, for all the hard working people in the French Quarter, we wanted to have great lunch options of soups, classic salads, sandwiches with great locally-sourced bread, and fresh iced teas, lemonades etc.  Our motto is, Everything fresh, everything special. Everything Cuisine Rapide.”

Petite Amelie is open for indoor seating as well as takeaway and gourmet picnic-style fare.


Petite Amelie and Cafe Amelie are dedicated to using local ingredients whenever possible.

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